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Tales From Noise (Part 2: Vicious Circle)

17 Jul

In our job as “creative consultants” at Noise Records we sometimes got detailed instructions for the record covers from the musicians themselves – usually when a mini-LP was planned. Here’s an example of the creative input from the band. This colourful drawing landed on our desk in September 1984:

It came with an “explanation”: “Lightning strikes into the devil’s horn. The devil glows. Lightning is diverted through the devil’s tail and discharges into an explosion. The band logo has to look metallic, like steel, you know…”

As we were too lazy to make a flashy airbrush painting (and Karl “you guys will be my ruin someday” the label boss wouldn’t pay for it) we proposed a comic-style drawing – it was the time of magazines like “Metal Hurlant” and “Heavy Metal”, after all. And we had a few entertaining days digging out some old Jack Kirby comic books.

So this is what hit the shops in fall that year – in a glorious, glossy 12-inch sleeve: