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2 Nov

Way back in 1982, at the time of NDW (Neue Deutsche Welle: German New Wave) we got our first (really) big job: to design an album cover for rising ‘wave/punk’ band Extrabreit. The title of the album, “Rückkehr der Fantastischen 5” (Return Of The Fantastic Five) led to a superhero comic-inspired design with dayglo camouflage patterns and ‘bullet holes’ – all designed by Ralf ‘Major’ Kröling – and added hand-drawn typography:

Extrabreit 5 Back Extrabreit 5 Front


Problem was, by the time the proofs had arrived at our office, the band was in the German charts, and the record company suddenly decided to spend a lot of money on the upcoming album. So the camouflage design was ditched, the sleeve printed in five different dayglo colours, and the bullet holes were die-cut into the sleeve. Result: number one!

Extrabreit Ad


Even the cassette was released in five versions (with a non-album extra track!). And there was a special edition with a ‘Superhero Poster’, too.

And the Malbuch guys, fresh from art school, suddenly were the go-to team for rising new wave artists. For a few weeks. (And then Ixi came along…)

Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts

24 Nov

…well, maybe.

Dylan Card 02 mini Dylan Card 01 mini


Johnny Cash Feb. 26, 1932 – Sept. 12, 2003

13 Sep

Cash miniSketch 01 Cash miniSketch 29 Cash miniSketch 36 Cash miniSketch 54

From The Vaults

14 Sep

Here’s a picture of Howlin Wolf’s Chevrolet: