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Eight Arms To Cover (Beatle Week #3)

17 Feb


Tea Time

31 May


Alternative History

19 May


Zappa Complete (Almost…)

27 Nov

zappacomplete-1 zappacomplete-2 zappacomplete-3 zappacomplete-4 zappacomplete-5


Please Read Me

3 Nov



From the other side of the alphabet…

13 Aug

ZappaSketch 08 ZappaSketch 01

The Godfather

6 May

From the ongoing series of the worst James Brown album covers:

Brown Cover 1 Brown Cover 2 Brown Cover 3

The Food Of Love

19 Feb

Besides working on exciting new releases aboutĀ George Jones and Arthur Big Boy Crudup (and the Florida Box, of course) there’s a new series of sketches in the works, depicting musicians from all over the world. Here are the first few (from around 1,000. Possibly.)

Card Maroc 02 Card Arab 17 Card Maroc 20 Card France 59 Card Sudan 11