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The New Year

21 Dec

New year greetings are on their way now – probably even to your own mailbox.

Kalender 2016 B Kalender 2016 C


Moanin’ Round Midweek (A Play In One Act)

11 Oct

The record-buying public: Come on guys, why does it always take so long?

The designer (enters stage left): It’s not my fault, but there’s always so many additions and changes…

A writer (appears from right): Like the last one you didn’t notice!

The designer: I thought it was a mistake on your part, so I took a picture of Howlin’ Wolf to accompany your text about, err… Howlin’ Wolf.

The writer: Wrong, wrong! I wanted a picture of Sonny Boy Williamson!

The record-buying public (confused): Which one?

A producer (from the wings): Idiots!

The designer: But I didn’t have a picture of Sonny Boy Williamson.

The writer: I sent you one!

The designer: No, you didn’t!

The writer: Yes, I did.

The designer: No, you didn’t!

The writer: Of course I did. It was labelled “Junior Parker Pic#3”.

The producer (from the wings): They’re all idiots…

The designer (leaves, head in hands)

The record buying public: Wait, we have more questions…!!

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