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Strangely Strange But Now Available

27 Feb

Finally finished, printed and ready for shipping – here’s the definitive book about Irish psychedelic prog* folkies Dr Strangely Strange.

Working with author Adrian Whittaker on this took us from Sixties Dublin to a Danish tour in the early Seventies, with a brief detour to West-Berlin.

Illustrated throughout with fascinating pictures, memorabilia and the band’s artworks, this book (to quote the band’s Tim Goulding) “creates the conviction that we were a band of some cultural significance, which runs contrary to my assessment that we were borderline frauds having a great time…”

Find out more here!


*But are they “prog”? With Roger Dean sleeve design, tracks on the “Vertigo Annual 1970” and “Nice Enough To Eat” compilations, 8-minute songs, and Gary Moore guitar solos they surely tick all the boxes.


Lefty Frizzell – now available

12 Oct

Bear Family’s Lefty Frizzell box set will (finally!) be available next week in a record store near your home.

Apart from 20 discs and a 264-page hardcover book the set also includes miniature paper sleeves of seven legendary Lefty albums.



…and here’s Mr. David Frizzell with his copy of the box:

"Hey guys, it’s like Christmas 🎄 morning here. The box set just came in..."


Neu: Die Teldec-Story

17 Jul


Rüdiger Bloemeke: Die Teldec-Story, Hardcover, 21 x 26 cm, 284 Seiten, mit über 800 Abbildungen, 38 Euro, Voodoo Verlag



(No longer) Work In Progress

1 Jun

News (incl. some Lefty)

15 May

Rose Simpson, member of The Incredible String Band, was recently  interviewed for a forthcoming documentary on the Sound Techniques Studio – with a print from our “55 Covers” calendar strategically placed by her side. Fame!

And now for something slightly different – here’s a quote from the back of the forthcoming Lefty Frizzell box:

“…This 20-CD set includes every 78, 45, and LP track from Lefty’s entire career. Plus every unissued session recording. Plus over one hundred non-session recordings. Newly discovered acetates and “live” recordings have been added to Bear Family’s 1992 edition and previously issued non-session recordings have been painstakingly restored. That’s 361 tracks, including David Frizzell’s audio biography that was not on our original LP box, and many that weren’t on the first CD box!

Lefty’s family and others provided a trove of previously unseen photos and ephemera. Charles Wolfe’s original classic text has been revised and expanded by Lefty’s biographer, Daniel Cooper, and Texas music expert, Kevin Coffey. It is now the definitive account of an incendiary career that ended in 1975 when Lefty was just forty-seven years old.  The book is now a 264-page hardcover and greatly expanded in every way –  the last word on one of country music’s truly foundational artists.”


From the battleground

13 Feb

You can see first pictures of Bear Family’s new “Battleground Korea” set here.

The book looks like this:


Coming next: Johnny Hallyday.

Happy New Year

2 Jan

(Woody Guthrie’s notebook, January 1943)