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2 Nov

Way back in 1982, at the time of NDW (Neue Deutsche Welle: German New Wave) we got our first (really) big job: to design an album cover for rising ‘wave/punk’ band Extrabreit. The title of the album, “Rückkehr der Fantastischen 5” (Return Of The Fantastic Five) led to a superhero comic-inspired design with dayglo camouflage patterns and ‘bullet holes’ – all designed by Ralf ‘Major’ Kröling – and added hand-drawn typography:

Extrabreit 5 Back Extrabreit 5 Front


Problem was, by the time the proofs had arrived at our office, the band was in the German charts, and the record company suddenly decided to spend a lot of money on the upcoming album. So the camouflage design was ditched, the sleeve printed in five different dayglo colours, and the bullet holes were die-cut into the sleeve. Result: number one!

Extrabreit Ad


Even the cassette was released in five versions (with a non-album extra track!). And there was a special edition with a ‘Superhero Poster’, too.

And the Malbuch guys, fresh from art school, suddenly were the go-to team for rising new wave artists. For a few weeks. (And then Ixi came along…)