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Sketches Of Spain

20 Sep

We’re working on a project about the Spanish Civil War at the moment, a box with 7 CDs, one DVD and a 300-page book (out early next year).

The audio discs have an amazing collection of contemporary songs, feat. Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Ernst Busch and many others. Some of these recordings were made under difficult conditions – the label pictured here has a sticker apologising for the sound quality because the recording was made while the studio was attacked by bombs.

Brigadas Disc

The book also has essays and short stories from writers like Ernest Hemingway and Arthur Koestler. When Hemingway was in Spain in May 1937 to research and contribute to a documentary by director Joris Ivens, they visited the 11th International Brigade in Brunete. On their way they realized their car was in the line of fire. Minutes after they left their car it was hit by a grenade:

Hemingway Car

Also included are dozens of those famous posters from the Civil War. These came from several sources, and we compared them all, and restored each one to its original glory. Here are some before/after examples:

Campesino RemixInternacion Remix Pasaran Remix


Johnny Cash Feb. 26, 1932 – Sept. 12, 2003

13 Sep

Cash miniSketch 01 Cash miniSketch 29 Cash miniSketch 36 Cash miniSketch 54