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From The Vaults

14 Sep

Here’s a picture of Howlin Wolf’s Chevrolet:

Sam’s Diary

11 Sep

So here I am, page 34 of ‘The Sun Blues Book’, and as we’re wrapping up our day I’m mentioning that we could maybe use a picture of The Evangelist Gospel Singers. “You mean The Evangelist Gospel Singers Of Memphis?” Mychael asks from across the room.

“Why yes, exactly. You know them?”

“Not at all, but here’s a message from Colin Escott that comes with a picture of The Evangelist Gospel Singers Of Memphis. It’s just arrived!”

And there they were indeed, all neatly gathered round the pianner, on an old greasy postcard from the 1940s. So it’s back to the drawing board for me, and they’ll find a new home on page 34, right beside Sleepy John Estes.


As Jim Rockford used to say, “In the end, everything turns out right.”


11 Sep


Returning from a weekend at Bear Family headquarters we’ve begun work on the second of three box sets on SUN RECORDS. After “The Country Box” there’s now “The Blues Box” with 10 CDs worth of  black music recorded at Sun Studios between 1950 and 1958. The picture shows how the complete trio will eventually look like.

News from the Fishin’ Man

It seems that the long-awaited Johnny Horton box set is finally coming. I heard that the masters are on their way to the mastering studio right now. This new box will replace the two previous Bear Family sets (currently out of print )– it will contain all the 1951-1960 recordings plus further material that was recently discovered, including Johnny’s first two recordings, released on a single by a local label (only one copy is known to exist…). The new set will also include a new & updated book with a revised biography, newly researched and meticulously restored pictures, and a few surprises. But stay calm, no release date known yet…

The Return Of Sam Malbuch!

10 Sep